Rent guarantee

Rent Guarantee Lease Scheme

This scheme is ideal for landlords who would like peace of mind that their rent will be paid on time every month.

This arrangement means your rent will be paid every month whether the property is occupied or not. You can sign up to the scheme for between 1 and 5 years and all payments are made directly by us, the agent.

Rent Guarantee & Legal Cover

Sometimes even the tenants with the best references fail to pay the rent through circumstances beyond their control, such as redundancy or the breakdown of a relationship.

Rent Guarantee is designed to protect you, providing you with peace of mind that you won't be left out of pocket. Alongside our HomeLet Xpress Rent Guarantee product, we offer legal expenses cover, allowing you to obtain vacant possession of your property in the event that your tenant fails to pay the rent.

It includes checks for county court judgements, fraud and bankruptcy, as well as a voters' roll check and check of the tenant's credit score.

Our HomeLet policy covers rental payments for up to a maximum of 5 months, and includes full legal cover up to 25,000 which will cover the period from the point of instructing solicitors at the start of the claim to the point of instructing bailiffs to remove the tenant from the property.

HomeLet has a specialist in-house legal and claims team to ensure any claim is paid promptly and there are no restrictions on tenant type, including tenants claiming housing benefit, students and professional working tenants.

Whether you are letting your first property or if you are an experienced landlord of many years, this type of insurance could potentially save you thousands of pounds and also a lot of time and stress. Guaranteed Rent We also have a Guaranteed Rent product which covers a landlord's rent for between one and five years, even when the property is empty.

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