Selling up? Heres why your home needs to stand out

Selling up? Here’s why your home needs to stand out from the crowd

Selling your home can be a complicated and sometimes long-winded process, and with summer bringing more homes to market, competition between sellers remains high.

In fact, the average buyer takes just 27 minutes to make up their mind on whether they want to buy a property, according to Zoopla research. On top of this (24%) of owners said they knew the home was right for them in 10 minutes or less.

With buyers making up their minds quickly, you will need to do everything you can to maximise your property’s potential and attract the attention of eager prospective purchasers.

As an established agent covering London, here at Angels Sales & Lettings we have compiled some top tips to make sure your home is a cut above the rest…

Boost your ‘kerb appeal’

Buyers may form a negative impression of your home if it’s not appealing at a first glance. So, for your home to really stand out in a sea of many, everything will need to be neat and tidy.

Removing any weeds from your beds or pathways, trimming hedges and making sure bins are neatly lined up are all simple yet effective ways to boost your home’s appearance. Consider giving the front door and window frames a fresh lick of paint and putting some colourful plant pots outside to make it more inviting.

Take care of the quick fixes

It’s important to go through your home and sort out any small fixes and repairs to ensure that it looks its absolute best. Look out for things such as broken door knobs, leaking taps, cracked tiles, ripped carpets, poor roof conditions and any evidence of damp or mould.

While these things may seem minor in the grand scheme of things, a prospective buyer is likely to pick up on any defects. After all, you do not want your home to be remembered as the one with mould in the bathroom or a broken light bulb.

Declutter and depersonalise

When potential buyers view your home, they need to be able to envision the space as their own. This could be hard to do if the rooms are cluttered or over personalised. To avoid such distractions, it’s worth going through the home removing personal items and clutter.   

Once you’ve decluttered, use bright, neutral colours on the walls to add to the impression of maximised space. This will also help to give viewers a clearer perspective when picturing their own furniture in the home.

Play to your home’s strengths

If your property has a strength or advantage – such as a stunning view or a great level of natural light – it’s best to emphasise it as part of your marketing strategy, otherwise you may miss out on a golden opportunity to sell for the highest possible price.

This is especially if other homes in the area do not offer the same thing. Do you have potential to extend? Is there off-street parking? You should provide this information to your agent who will be able to entice prospective buyers with these best-selling features.

Revitalise the garden

Typically considered one of the home’s key selling points, the garden will need to be presentable and well-maintained. This means clearing away any clutter, removing weeds, trimming the hedges/bushes and cutting the grass to refresh the lawn. As we’re now in summer, consider putting out some potted plants and adding seasonal fertiliser to revive the lawn.

Fortunately, the market is active throughout summer, meaning there is a broad pool of prospective buyers. By incorporating the above tips into your sales strategy, you can improve your chance of attracting more prospective buyers and achieve your asking price or above.

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