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Putting your home up for sale can be an exciting prospect, but that’s just the beginning of an intricate process. You will also need to ensure that your home is as appealing as possible to prospective buyers. While large projects can reap high awards, there are smaller, simpler measures that can make a difference too.

To boost the value of your home without breaking the bank, here at Angels Sales & Lettings, we present seven small things you can work on before putting your home on the market.

Up your ‘kerb appeal’

The outside of your home is the first thing a buyer will see and sets the tone for the rest of the viewing. Therefore, you should ensure that everything is neat and tidy. Mow the lawn, trim hedges and clear pathways to make a lasting impression.

Consider giving the front door and window frames a fresh lick of paint and, if the season allows it, putting some pots and plants outside your property to make it more appealing.

A fresh coat of paint

Redecorating is one of the most popular home improvement methods and, best of all, can be done at a very low cost. With just a lick of paint and some general maintenance, you give your home a new lease of life.

Fresh paint in modern, neutral colours can create a modern feel and revitalise your property, making it easier for would-be buyers to envision themselves living there.

Quick fixes and easy upgrades

It’s a good idea to go through the home and note down any small defects that can be fixed. While they are unlikely to be the deciding factor in a sale, small problems can give the impression of a poorly-maintained home.

Watch out for things like peeling paint, dripping taps, broken tiles, cracks in plaster, scuffs on walls and torn carpet – all of which can be easily repaired.

Let there be light

Light is best for creating the illusion of space, and a spacious, well-lit property is more likely to attract potential buyers than a dark and dank one. Hence, making your home lighter is a cheap and effective way to increase its value.

Cleaning the windows, for example, can allow more light into the home, while installing bright energy efficient lights can help if you’re looking to sell your home in the winter months when it gets darker earlier.

Upgrade the kitchen

The kitchen is one of the main considerations for many potential buyers, and it may be one of the first things they look to replace if they can’t imagine living in yours.

However, small improvements on what you already have can help. Giving the units a fresh paint job and replacing cupboard handles or doors are cheaper ways of refreshing kitchens. You also want to make sure all surfaces are clean and clutter-free.

Give your bathroom a makeover

The same applies to the bathroom. Re-grouting, removing limescale and replacing taps are small, yet effective, ways to freshen up the space.

Bathrooms need to be fresh and hygienic, so painting the walls a neutral shade and replacing the shower curtain with a new one (or even a simple glass screen) can make all the difference. Consider using a wall-hung basin with towel bars to add some character.

Revive the garden

Particularly as we move towards spring, the garden is likely to be one of the home’s biggest selling points and therefore will need to be shown in its best light.

It’s essential to clear away any rubbish and clutter, rake away stray leaves, remove any weeds, trim the hedges/bushes and cut the grass to revitalise your outdoor space.

Luckily, with buyers more active at this time of year, it’s a good time to put your property on the market. Taking these measures into consideration can help you to boost the value your home significantly and increase your chances of securing a quick sale.

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